Why Codeshed?

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in web related technologies, Codeshed is equipped to handle all of your internet, intranet & extranet needs. We have extensive knowledge in the area of web application design & development, building internet applications and designing internet software interfaces. Our experience stems from our involvement in numerous internet projects which include application development, interface design, usability audits, quality assurance testing and content writing.

The amount of structured and unstructured information that companies want to share is increasing at an astonishing rate. Whether it’s content in paper form that requires electronic transformation, or emails and electronic documents that require categorization and indexing, the volume of data and associated management complexity is increasing exponentially.

Assisting clients with their web projects has been one of our specialties over the past several years, from re-designs to new site roll outs. Improving the management and delivery of information is a key business objective for many organizations today. Codeshed Solutions can assist you in delivering innovative solutions for companies in both the public and private sector.

Codeshed Solutions will work with you in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing comprehensive solutions in response to business requirements. We are experts in identifying and understanding problems and opportunities.

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    At Codeshed we promise Simplicity, Scalability & Seamless Integration to allow you to increase the effectiveness of your internal + external communications.